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Sore Reloaded - 2018

11:26 Servertime Written By Admin

Welcome on SoreReloaded 2018 KalOnline website.
we are nearly ready to start our Open Beta

Server Informations:

Starter Gear is Full grade 40/42, 500 low Mana and Medium Hp medicine
Server Rates are low-midrated for Experience / Drops / Animal Experience

5Classes (Recoded and balanced), All international Systems and own coded ones

New Systems:

Instance Dungeon - Easy, Medium, Hard difficulty.
3x Level 30 - 49, 3x Level 50 - 70, 3x Level 71+

Sora Dungeon - 1x Level 75 + (top 3 Sora Dungeon players get a weekly maxxed Grade [XX] Weapon!

Training Center - (Level Based) experience once a Day

Custom Experience and EggExperience events

new coded Experience Stones

Mautareta System (intlike) with all international Buffs

new PvP/E System - Monsterbattle

Valley of Devah Element System (new map part + own system)

-^do Daily quest for each Element and Level your Elementpart for bonifits in Valley of Devah

Updated Duel Tournament System

1 Versus 1 , Level 30-50, 51 - 69, 70+

2 Versus 2 , Level 30-50, 51 - 69, 70+ (in Development)

3 Versus 3 , Level 30-50, 51 - 69, 70+ (in Development)

Upcomming System :

Fraction System with Fraction battles
There will be 3 Fractions named :

Kunglin : 2% overall experience - 15 atk points

Hanshi : 2% overall experience - 15 defense ponts

Tingwa : 2% overall experience - 10 atk points, 5 defense points

Each fraction do have their own Town on one Map.

Fraction Battles will start once a week in the middle of that map

Killing enemys from other Fraction will be rewarded with Honor/Reward points

Player can spend their Honor and Reward points for Fraction Points

Fraction Points can be spended on a special npcs on their fraction town to start Benefit Events for the Fraction

There will be a Fraction Ranking on our Homepage which shows how many players which Fraction got